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1.   In 2004 : Accepted at NMC in America (Reports of NMC America)

2.   In 2005 : Accepted at NMC in America

3.   In 2006 : International Journal of cow science (See publication here)

4.   Italian journal of Animal Science (See publication here)

5.   In 2007 :Accepted in 8th world Buffalo Congress -Italy (See here)

6.   Purchasing by Saras Rajasthan Govt. Since 2004

7.   Field Recommendation for 911 Veterinary Doctors by HAU Veterinary College on 05.08.2005 (See here)

8.   Reports of Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Bareilly (See here)

9.   Reports of H.A.U.Hisar ( reports here)

10.  Proceeding of 24th ISVM Convention on 22-24 February,2006 (See reports here)