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Bloody Diarrhoea, Coccidiosis

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Packing - 30ml
MRP - ₹ 140/- Only
2600 Birds 180 litre पानी 8 घंटे में non feeding time में पी जाते है | By sucking system, और 4 घंटे में पी जाते है in feeding time.
Coccidiosis : Bloody diarrhea, affected chicks huddle together at one place, look sleepy with ruffled feathers and are severly anaemic.
In laying flocks : It invarily brings down egg production it, delays egg laying even causes death. It is a protozoal parasitic disease.
Disease occurs in all domestic animals in Calves, disease in characterized by.
1. Loss of appetite.
2. Passage of whole blood in faeces
3. Weakness, Loss of strength, foul smell
4. Infective protozoa is liberated in intestine which penetrates the epithelium causes irritation and bleeding resulting in diarrhoea and dysentery.
अगर पशु को किसी भी कारण से दस्त लगे या खूनी दस्त लगे हो तो Diarcure दे
1. Animal : 30-30 drops 4-5 times Over Atta Ka Pera or Roti or 1.5ml. Directly in mouth
2. Dog: 20-20 drops 4-5 times Over Roti or in Water or in milk.
3. Poultry: 30ml. medicine in 180 Litres of water for 3 days