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For Curing Skin Infections

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Packing - 30ml
MRP - ₹ 170/- Only
When dogs and animals like Sheep,Goat,Cattles,Buffaloes,are sufferings from ringworms eczema, mange which is caused by mites which live over skin surface and causes intense itching, puritis, weeping eczema, when there is hair loss as well, In warts, scabies.
अगर कुत्ते के या पशु के चमड़ी पर खुजली दाद या रेशा पड़ जाए तो skin-cure दे पशु के मस्से भी skin-cure ठीक करता है
Dogs: 20-20 drops in water or Roti 3 times daily .
Animal : 30-30 drops 2-3 times daily in Roti or Atta Ka Pera .